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How were the cherry blossoms?

Wedidn'tgo to the TidalBasin.

You were on the Mallweren'tyou?

Yeah, but I dont recall seeing any cherry blossoms.

Then theyweren'tblooming.

Mama Wordbones was right as usual, particularly when it comes to the ways of
nature. I went back and checked my camera. I had taken the typical tourist
pictures. Standing in the middle of Americas front lawn I took one shot towards
the capital and one towards the monument. Bing. Bang. Boom.

If you look closely you can see the beginnings of color. I wasn't looking
closely. It was cold.

Peanut and I took a day trip to the NationalMuseum ofAmericanHistory, my choice
not hers. Someone is not doing well in US History and I was hoping for some sort
of inspiration. I dont think it took. Hard to tell though, teenagers are
notoriously hard to read.

On the ride home I heard on the radio that peak bud time has now moved back to
this Saturday, two days above the average.

We're planning on going back on Sunday, with the bikes. It would be nice if
wedidn'thave to wear ski hats and gloves.

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